Writing and etymology in Korean
自 (자) [ja] – self
然 (연) [yeon] – be as it is

Nature is our foremother, from her, we receive everything we need to live and grow. It is the textbook created by the Heavenly Parent so that we, His beloved sons and daughters, may fully know His heart and feel joy. Nature’s purpose is to bring people to perfection. Nature exists for the perfection of love.

Our environment is one big museum of nature, where lessons of love are taught. And it is all for human beings. All birds and animals exist in pairs, and these pairs come together in love. The harmonious relationship between heaven and earth is reflected in this.

Nature is the first sacred book. If we can learn lessons for ourselves by looking at the natural world and living harmonizing with it, we will naturally adapt to the principles of heaven and earth.

As we look at nature, we should have thoughts like, “Will the jewels that kings or some celebrities possess in our world compare to all this?”

We must take a genuine concern and interest in all that surrounds us. Only after we have studied nature to the smallest detail can we manage it with dignity.

To love nature is to love God and humanity. If one’s life is harmonizing with nature, one’s character will flourish and become perfect. He who does not love nature cannot love people, and he who does not love people cannot love family.