Three stages of development

Writing and etymology in Korean
성장기간의 3단계
[seongjang-gigan-ui sam-dangye]
成長 (성장) [seongjang] – development, growth
期間 (기간) [gigan] – period
段階 (단계) [dangye] – stage, step

All phenomena occurring in the universe bear fruit only after the lapse of a certain interval of time. All things are designed to reach completion only after passing through a set growing period.

All created beings, having been conceived in the likeness of God, manifest their existence, movement and growth through a course of three stages. These three stages are inseparable: the stage of growth comes after the stage of formation, and the stage of completion comes after the stage of growth.

Everything in the universe develops in three stages, and man is no exception. Adam and Eve were infants at first, and then, as they grew older, they entered the period of childhood and adolescence. The next step for them would be the period of adulthood.

To attain perfection, humans cannot skip over the stages of formation, growth, and completion in one fell swoop. This is the Principle.

There are three stages of human development: formation, growth, and completion. Likewise, we change three worlds in turn: the water world, where we swim in our mother’s womb; the earthly world, where we walk on the ground; and the airy world, where we can fly. In other words, we live three lives: nine months in the womb, 100 years of life on earth, and then eternal life in the spiritual world.

In the family we also need to embody the stages of formation, growth and completion. They represent the individual, the married couple, and the children.

Grandparents, father-in-law and mother-in-law, daughters-in-law and grandchildren must live together. The three generations, corresponding to the stages of formation, growth and completion, can achieve harmony with love at the center.

A foundation must be created to connect the sphere of heart of the individual with the sphere of heart of the family, clan, country, world, and universe. Beginning with the family, we must go through the stages of formation, growth, and the completion. Family is the stage of formation, society is the stage of growth, and country is the stage of completion.