Eternal life

Writing and etymology in Korean
永 (영) [yeong] – eternal
生 (생) [saeng] – life

Humanity is now living in a difficult period of the last days. At this time, families are breaking up all over the world. Husbands and wives, parents and children become enemies. What is the reason for such a tragedy?

The reason lies in the lack of true love. Equally important is the fact that we know nothing about our most important purpose. Our purpose is to prepare for eternal life. By clearly understanding the concept of true life and understanding its reality correctly in our hearts, we can become worthy leaders in our own families. But in reality, most people are not sure about the existence of the spiritual world.

Deeply aware of the reality of the spiritual world, we cannot sin, even if the temptation is very great. And we cannot live only for ourselves, even if circumstances force us to do so.

Without understanding the meaning of eternal life, we cannot truly transform society. A social revolution not linked to the goal of achieving eternal life will only make the situation worse. Nobody wants this.

To solve this problematic situation, we must clearly and conclusively be convinced of the existence of eternal life. However, many are not even sure if God exists. When faced with difficulties and temptations, many become hesitant.

Having crossed the age of 40 or 50 years, we already find ourselves closer to the end of our lives. The seriousness of the concept of eternal life gradually begins to dawn on us. The older we get, the more serious we become.

If our concepts of eternal life are pure and unchanging, we will not be frightened by the instability of a changing environment. We will be able to survive any circumstances, both joy and sorrow.

Feeling the power of true love, we will overcome any hostility to walk the path of true love. In everyday life we will always feel the confidence that comes from believing in the existence of eternal life. By finally establishing ourselves in this faith, we will secure our lives.