Writing and etymology in Korean
난 [nan] (sino-korean)

Parents go through many difficulties for the sake of their children but do not feel the hardship. Why? It is because they love them. After giving their flesh and blood, parents never keep a record. Rather, they are pained at not being able to give more.

There are many difficulties as we live in this world! Who knows what will befall us today? People who cannot break free from this fearful environment have a wretched life.

You should have sympathy with other people who are in difficulties and face trouble in certain circumstances as though you yourself were facing hardship.

The historical records show that the great names appear in times of difficulty. These loyal, filial, and virtuous people are remembered forever.

To become a historical leader, you must be able to confront and go through the past and present difficulties, making the best of any unfair situations. Heroes are those who can turn enemies into friends.

To progress in the way of becoming filial children, people must endure persecution and many trying moments. They have to become confident people who can overcome all difficulties. Rather than reverting to the path of sorrowful bitterness with thoughts of retreat, people must become those who determinedly overcome the hardships and difficulties of the ages.

We should not blame others for our own difficulties but rather look for the cause within ourselves.