Writing and etymology in Korean
訓 (훈) – training
練 (련) – practice

Life is a competition. Without competition, we cannot develop. When we lose, we feel unhappy, but losing can motivate us to develop certain skills we need to win. To develop these, we need to devote some time to preparation and training.

We need to train ourselves to really be able to cope with any situation and achieve good results in anything. From this point of view, there is nothing wrong with suffering and difficulty.

You can’t take a difficult textbook and start studying it before you learn to read. It takes learning to read and a lot of practice to read well and fluently. Likewise, no one can simply walk to the pulpit and begin an eloquent speech; it takes practice. The same goes for our thinking, our attitude and our behavior. It is necessary to devote time to training the soul and the body. Meditation and prayer can help with this.

Sports training is also necessary. Participating in sports can really stimulate the spirit. Sports training is very effective in strengthening the spirit.

Young people must strive for the world of the future. Our whole life is a process of training, a preparatory period necessary to become a person of universal proportions.

We must train ourselves and our way of thinking and learn to use our soul’s potential properly.