Writing and etymology in Korean
始 (시) – start, beginning
作 (작) – composition, work

Everything in the world takes its beginning in one Origin, separates into many kinds, and eventually becomes one big whole. This is how development occurs. The one splits into several parts, and then those parts come together. Then they separate again, and the result is something greater. This means that one day everything will become part of a 3³ larger world than before.

Where did our life begin? It originated in our parents, who were invested in us, and in nature, which fed our flesh and blood and bones. If we had to pay back everything we owed them, we would have nothing left.

God did not create love after life was created; rather, life was created based on His love. Life began with love – so the results of life must also be love. Everything began with love, so everything must end with love.