Writing and etymology in Korean
開 (개) – open
發 (발) – to shoot, to launch

Just as a fetus in the womb grows strong and healthy harmonizing with the laws of nature, people on earth must grow and develop by living in accordance with the laws of Heaven. We simply cannot allow our lives to be frivolous and non-serious.

No matter how many years pass, no matter how much rain or harsh winds blow around us, our internal life force must not waver under the influence of the world around us, but must steadily follow the path of development. Only then can we meet the spring and become the seed for the creation of new life, no matter what kind of soil that seed falls into.

Throughout history, people have evolved through the work of the mind, the curbing of the flesh, and the determination to follow their chosen path.

If you sit idly by, it won’t work. You just can’t evolve. So as people who are for a good cause, you have to fight. If a person is alive, he naturally grows and develops. Don’t turn into a walking corpse.

If your life is not limited to the present moment and is always searching for future values, only under these conditions is there room for eternal development and hope. Do not lose hope in your soul for your development. With the disappearance of hope begins regression or a complete halt.

We are on a path of character development, and this path originates in our heart. A harmoniously developed person can find himself anywhere. We must develop different aspects of our soul one by one. To do this, we must make an effort.

The movement toward development will begin only after words are translated into deeds. Be inexhaustible, remain viable. Only by striving for the goal a hundredfold will we be one step closer to it in our development.