Writing and etymology in Korean
影 (영) – shadow
響 (향) – echo, resonance, sound

The most valuable things, like diamonds, have their own charm and value. People see this value, recognize it, and are influenced by it. Which person is more valuable-the one who succumbs to the influence of others, or the one who is himself influenced? What kind of person are you? Of those who influence others, the most valuable will be the one whose influence is the most beneficial.

Gradually expand your sphere of influence. Don’t live on your own.

Teachers and college professors have a powerful influence on young people. However, parents influence them even more. It is the family that has the greatest influence on shaping a person’s personality.

A national leader needs to be cautious in his choice of words. He knows that any word he says can later be taken as law and affect the future of the country.

If you feel confident in your soul, wherever you go, no opposition or circumstance can affect you.

Leaders are people who allow themselves to be used by others, but who do not lose their strength. Leaders are always the exploited. Let people use themselves, and they will fall under your influence.

Who is the greatest, most amazing and influential person in the universe? The one who has chosen the path of serving love.

The more you give, the more you become. If you embrace the concept of giving, your influence would increase. If we only receive, our assets would become even smaller. This is because by giving, our actions are in accordance with a universal principle, and therefore the whole Universe will help us.