Writing and etymology in Korean
權 (권) – authority, right
限 (한) – limitation

The Heavenly Parent loved man so much that he gave him enough authority and love to conquer the world. When man acts on the authority of his heart, the whole Universe follows him without fail. This is the iron law of the Universe.

The center for children is parents. In loving their children, parents must not put their ego first; when it comes to loving their children, they must not have this ego in mind. In their love for their children, they cannot constantly be arrogant and press down with their authority.

If the leader does not have authority, the subordinates will not take him seriously. Therefore, the subject must gain authority and at the same time love the object. This means that love has not only an affectionate side, like spring, but also a stern side, like winter.

The subject must have authority, but must not be authoritarian. If authority is too strong, subordinates may feel fear towards the leader, which will prevent them from being creative. Genuine authority belongs to those whose subordinates gratefully accepts even if they were reprimanded from their supervisor.

For ones to gain authority in the community, you will need to develop faith, love, and wisdom.