Writing and etymology in Korean
信 (신) [shin] – faith, religious belief

仰 (앙) [ang] – to raise the head to look, to look up, to rely on, to admire

The Chinese character shin (信), which means “faith,” consists of two characters – “person” (亻) and “word” (言).

Faith is the word of man. “Word” here means a way of communication that connects two people. Therefore, if you are not able to trust the person and his words, then no connection will be established between you. Where there is no relationship, not a word is spoken. But if two people enter into a conversation, this already implies giving and receiving. So we need faith to build relationships.

The hieroglyph “ang” (仰) can be translated as “look up”, “raise your head up”. In a deeper sense, it means “to honor heaven” – to follow the culture, habits, traditions of the Heavenly Parent for tens of thousands of years.

Faith means, through the study of the word, to correctly understand how and what to do.