Words and deeds

Writing and etymology in Korean
言 (언) [eon] – word, speech
行 (륜) [haeng] – movement, going, behaviour

There are those who are good at words. But it’s bad if only words are good. Those who are good not only in words but also in behavior or their actions are those who have passed the test of life. Whether it is better to have more words or more deeds is a significant question in our lives.

Based on this, it is decided whether a person is good or bad. The meaning of good and evil is determined. When we speak and act, what should guide us? It is not good if words are only words and actions are only actions. We must stand in the position of God’s children and speak and act as His sons and daughters.

God’s word must be embodied by creatively translating it into real actions.

It is necessary to always think about what dictated our words – was it for personal gain or for the benefit of others?

Speak words not for yourself, but for the good of the world. Such words will gain substance in the world and be able to reach the listener.

Your words and actions, mind and body must be united around one common task, acting with one purpose and in one direction.

Your thoughts and words must be one with your actions. And then a new opportunity for creating a world of unity will open.

We must teach people not only through our words, but also through our actions.

Become leaders in words, actions, ideology, life and heart.