Writing and etymology in Korean
統 (통) [tong] – to lead, command
一 (일) [il] – one

What is meant here is not an alliance, but a unification. An alliance is when two people gather together. And unity is when two become one.

In what exactly should unity manifest itself? First, it is the unity of a person with his First Cause.

In the process of creation, the Heavenly Parent first created the world around us, and then He created the people, and He wanted to achieve unity with them.

According to the original plan, we also need to achieve unity of mind and body (personal level), unity of husband and wife, brothers and sisters, parents and children (family level), as well as unity of man with nature.

Take a family in which love reigns. That family has established such a strong unity of parents and children that they are called one flesh. The same can be said of the relationship between husband and wife, brothers and sisters. All members of the family are one flesh. What is the basis of this relationship? Love. It unites parents and children, husband and wife, brothers and sisters, and through this process all family members acquire equal value. Only love makes unity possible.

If there is unity based on true love, the husband will answer his wife’s call, the elders will rush to the call of the youngers, and the younger to the older. No one will agree to be left out of the others.

In unity, the value of all objects is an order of magnitude greater than when they are separate.