Unity of three generations

Writing and etymology in Korean
3대 통일
[samde tongil]
三代 (3 대) [samde] - three generations
統一 (통일) [tongil] - unity

There are grandparents, father and mother, husband and wife, and sons and daughters. They are all connected and held together, vertically and horizontally; this is the family. Expanding, the family embraces the country and the world. This means that the house where three generations live is a miniature embodiment of the whole world.

When we look at the surrounding people, we see people the same age as our grandparents, fathers and mothers, husbands and wives, sons and daughters. It turns out that the three-generation family is a universal training center where we learn to live harmonizing with all people on earth. Here we build unity and harmony through the heart ties that bind us to the whole world, regardless of nationality or race.

Perfect world begins in the family. Grandparents represent the past, mother and father the present, and sons and daughters the future. Consequently, the past, present, and future are brought together in the family. They are all equal in true love.

Grandparents, father and mother, spouses, siblings, and children form the four generations. They are like a textbook in the form of a family, which helps us to comprehend the true love of the universe. Those who have learned love through their family will have no problem going anywhere. Because they will live according to the textbook, they will successfully pass any test. Someday, everyone will be glad to provide shelter and food for those who live this way. If a family gives this kind of education, it is the only thing that matters. The family is the most important textbook, the foundation of the basics.

For a family to be healthy and strong, our grandparents, mother and father, and their children must live in harmony and agreement. We need to achieve this.