Relationships between grandparents and grandchildren

Writing and etymology in Korean
조부모와 손자 관계
[jobumo sonja gwangye]
祖父母 孫子 關係
祖父母 (조부모) [jobumo] - grandparents
孫子 (손자) [sonja] - grandchildren

關 (관) [kwan] - attitude
係 (계) [gye] - relation

When grandparents see their grandchildren, it is the happiest moment for them. They love them more than their own children. While raising their children, they were too busy and didn’t have free time to love them, but now that they are grandparents, the situation has changed. They prepare to go into the spiritual world and lose their memories, which gives them the opportunity to be friend their children. They return to a condition of purity and childlike spontaneity. Because of this, their loving heart becomes wider and more beautiful.

There is no fundamental difference between the love of grandparents, father and mother, and son and daughter. It is the same love. If grandchildren burst into grandparents’ room, they will be glad; even if father and mother burst into their room, grandparents will be glad, too. Because there is such a principle, grandparents love their grandchildren even more than they love their children. Therefore, grandchildren, growing up, prefer the upbringing of grandparents to that of parents. A grandfather will gladly become a horse and ride his grandson on his back.

Grandparents must have a loving relationship with their grandchildren. Only under this condition will the vertical of love be established. Likewise, grandchildren must unite with grandparents. Grandparents occupy the position of God, so they should be revered as God. Just as parents raise their children, the family and country should take care of and help the elderly.

Wherever you go, treat the elderly with more love than you would treat your own grandparents. That way you will be closer to Heaven.