Writing and etymology in Korean
예 [е:] (sino-korean)

All humans are descendants of the incorporeal Heavenly Parent, His children, through whom He can take physical form and directly rule the Universe.

Why aren’t people satisfied with just a close marital relationship and want children? Which is better, more children or less? The more you consider yourself to be a good, noble and valuable person, the more descendants with the same qualities you want to leave behind. This is our original human nature.

When we become grandparents, or even great-grandparents, our lives will begin to sprout in all directions, depending on how many descendants we have. The descendants will be bound together by the love they will inherit from us. The more there are, the more blessed we are. They are born in love, and their lives flow on because of love. Our way of life is a generational succession in the way of love. Undoubtedly, we were born to love.

To have many children is a true blessing! How does it turn out that those who have raised many children receive more blessings? Your sphere of heart grows and expands, elevating you and bringing you closer to the standard of an ideal world. Having many children means you will have many descendants and branches of the lineage.

Although you live in the present age, you must also be the fruit of the past and the origin of the future. We need to find a purpose that our descendants will look up to.

We need to inherit for future generations all the most precious things we have.