Writing and etymology in Korean
祝 (축) [chuk] – wish, celebrating
福 (복) [bok] – fortune

According to the Bible, when God created Adam and Eve, He gave them three Blessings: “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and possess it” (Genesis 1:28). The first blessing, “be fruitful,” means that people are to grow and perfect their character in union with God. The second blessing, “multiply and fill the earth,” means that the perfect man and woman are to become a true husband and wife, bear children and create a perfect family, thereby fulfilling the duty of true parents. The third blessing is that people should own all things and build a world where they will not need anything or experience any discomfort.

The Korean word blessing (祝福, chukpok), literally means “to pray for blessings.” By studying the word chukpok, we see that 祝 (chuk) means to pray for something or to desire something. If you are praying for blessings, what is the thing that is most precious to you? The most priceless is the blessing of love. The main starting The most priceless is the blessing of love. The main starting point of the promise of the universe is a man and a woman creating harmony. Therefore, marriage is truly the greatest blessing you can receive.

Heavenly Parents are the central Essence of all blessings. His blessings are the most precious and needed. They cannot be bought or exchanged for anything in our world. He owns everything you could possibly want.

Man’s first hope is to achieve personal perfection. Our second hope – To have a partner for life, so we are born with the blessing of marriage. Third, we all want to multiply and have good children.

If you think of your parents, if you love them as if they were your flesh, and if you do your filial duty, that is more valuable and more precious to people. That is why it is said that the blessing of Heaven comes in a friendly and loving family.