Man and woman

Writing and etymology in Korean
남자와 여자
[namjawa yeoja]
男子 (남자) [namja] – male
女子 (여자) [yeoja] – female

People in our world are divided into two types, men and women. They don’t change their positions. We were not born as men or women by choice. Even if we didn’t think of it or didn’t want it, we were born the way we are.

Why was a man born? He was not born for himself, but for woman. Woman is the most important being to man. Woman, too, was not born for herself. The purpose of her existence is not herself, but her union with man. A woman has broad hips and a man has broad shoulders; so they balance each other out. They were not born for themselves. If they claim to have been born for themselves, they will destroy true love.

Man represents yang, or the male aspect of God, and woman represents yin, or the female aspect of God. A married couple is like heaven and earth wrapped in one knot.

Men represent the heavens and women the earth; their union is like the union of heaven and earth, that is, the universe. Man and woman are the core of the universe, or the universe in miniature. If husband and wife share true love with each other, the whole universe participates in their relationship.

A man is free if he has a truly loving wife. If a man has a wife who loves him and stays with him forever, it is not unfree.

The woman keeps the most precious treasure the man has, and the man keeps the woman’s most precious treasure. They exchange these treasures with each other and cannot part with each other. Therefore, the woman is the mistress of the man’s love and the man is the master of the woman’s love. Throughout history, men, and women have cheated on each other. They have stolen from their masters, and now our world is plunged into the abyss of destruction and vice. A woman holds the key to a man’s love, and a man holds the key to a woman’s love.

Women have an upward focus on love for husband and children, while men have a wider heart and their love is directed toward the clan and country. That is why we learn from the mother to love the children and the whole family, and from the father to love the world. That’s the way it is. The convergence of these qualities of love creates a sphere of harmony.