Conjugal relations

Writing and etymology in Korean
[pubu gwangye]
夫 (부) [pu] - husband
婦 (부) [bu] - wife
關 (관)[kwan]- attitude
係 (계) [gye]- relation

The union of one man and one woman is the union of God’s yang and yin characteristics.
In other words, once united, they become a harmonious entity reflecting the Heavenly Parent. This is how two people, husband and wife, form a union that reflects all facets and aspects of God.

As we grow up, we realize that we need each other and want to become husband or wife. If men suddenly say they don’t need women and women say they are fine without men, in a hundred years our world will die.

A man must meet a woman and a woman must meet a man. The whole point is that each is only half of the whole. They can reach absolute perfection only through complete unity in love. This means that only in marriage is human potential fully realized.

No matter how much a husband and wife love each other, if they do not have children, their family line will be broken.

Why do husbands and wives fight with each other? Because each of them wants love from the other. Relationships between people who seek to draw love from one another will not last long.

When two people have achieved complete unity, their personalities complement each other and become one person; their common value becomes greater than it was separately. And then they can build a higher level of peace.