Writing and etymology in Korean
平 (평) [pyeong] – to be flat, level, plane
和 (화) [hwa] – harmony, peace

The character pyeong (平) in “peace” means the connection of two worlds, represented by two horizontal lines. Spouses connect the two worlds and occupy horizontal positions relating to each other. The central vertical line symbolizes true love, true life and true lineage, which are eternal. Everything horizontal lasts no longer than one generation, and everything vertical exists forever. Lineage is eternal. The character hwa, (和) meaning harmony, begins with the character “rice” (禾). Then the character “rice” is followed by the character “mouth” (口), meaning “Word.” This means that we eat the Word physically and spiritually. It is with the Word that we should build a harmonious world.

The word “peace” is always used in the context of relationships. We speak of peace between East and West. However, if peace is built with the East in charge, it will be a one-sided peace, not a universal peace. The words pyeongjung (“even” 平準), pyeongyeong (“balance,” 平衡), and pyeonghwa (“peace,” 平和), each with the character pyeong (平), are related concepts. These concepts can only exist when there is a connection between two entities or more.

The status of peace is achieved when man and woman become one. Their oneness does not mean that they are the same height, for example. If we compare men and women in height, men are usually taller, and if we compare them in strength, men tend to be stronger. So, we cannot find equality based only on external aspects. What is the center in forming a sphere of balance in a relationship? Not strength or knowledge. No matter how educated two people are, one of them necessarily knows more. If there is anything that can create equality, it is love.

Unless we find a way to achieve inner unity, it will not be possible to build a peaceful, unified world. People think that the key to unifying the world is in external systems like democracy, but this is not true. This is wrong, if only because inside each of us there is a struggle between body and soul. Even if outwardly we achieve unity, we will be far from true unity if soul and body continue to fight.