Writing and etymology in Korean
民 (민) – the people
主 (주) – owner
主義 (주의) – 'ism', doctrine

Democracy is a political system that the Heavenly Parent has worked hard to prepare for the past 2,000 years. It recognizes human rights, and it is also where a minority group can survive in the midst of a hostile majority.

Democracy guarantees people freedom – freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of association, freedom of the press and freedom of assembly. But is freedom a sufficient condition for happiness? No. To achieve happiness, the highest value must be love.

In a democracy, all power belongs to the people, that is, to humanity. Therefore, democrats believe that power should be under the control of the people. However, in reality it is in the hands of corporations. America is prosperous now, but it cannot prosper alone. It must distribute its prosperity among other nations; this is the law of heaven.

The downside of modern democracy is that it has produced secular humanism, thereby banishing God from society. Humanism has superseded the morality and justice taught by saints and righteous men, and now inclines people toward free sex.

Democracy is a fraternal ideology. It proclaims equality and full freedom for man, but in addition to this it is also necessary to proclaim the freedom and full liberation of God. If this issue is resolved, human freedom will be achieved automatically.

Progressive change is taking place in the world, so we can expect something more than democracy or communism to emerge as an expression of this universal goal. Nothing wavering, impermanent, fickle can be considered the primary and final goal. The basic standard of goodness must be established according to such a goal as all mankind seeks. But be that as it may, since we are detached from the absolute good, it is difficult to realize that this goal is real and absolute. Each person must first create a solid foundation of goodness in himself, to go directly toward the fulfillment of the good goal. So, for a person to develop, it is necessary to create a foundation of goodness on an individual level. And this is not easy at all.