Ideal Society

Writing and etymology in Korean
이상 사회
[isang sahoe]
理想 (이상) – ideal
社 (사) – social
會 (회) – to gather

The ideal world is like a human being in which all parts of the body interact coherently with each other, responding as a unit to incoming commands from the brain. So in an ideal society, people will build cooperative relationships and live in harmony according to the commands of the Creator. In such a society, people will not be able to commit evil deeds because everyone will feel what the Heavenly Parent feels in His Heart, who shares the suffering of those who have been hurt.

In an ideal society, universal values apply. This means that everyone embodies true love and follows universal ethics and morality. All members of society strive to lead good and righteous lives. To achieve this ideal, we need to build a society that is based on moral principles and in which all people live according to their conscience, harmonizing with the absolute value of the love of the Heavenly Parent.

If a society is mired in materialism, deprived of humanity, experiencing moral decay and a lack of clarity in terms of values, it can only be healed by putting into practice true love that thinks first of others.

A united world community can be created both ideologically and heartily. To achieve this, people of all nations must learn to live as one family.

We must take responsibility for our families and society. Our task is to embody the ideal of Heaven in our families and devote our lives to embodying the world of morality. Becoming role models, we must constantly strive for the common good.