Ideal World

Writing and etymology in Korean
[isang segye]
理想 (이상)[isang] – ideal
世界 (세계)[segye] – world

People aspire to a world of freedom and harmony, and this aspiration is easy to understand. But today’s world is completely inconsistent with humanity’s desires, that is, something went wrong in the beginning.

Was the world created with a unified purpose? We see that nations as well as races and families are divided. Countries are divided into opposing parties. Families tend to have divisions between family members, and within the individual there is a division between soul and body. The question arises: “Why is this world divided? What is the cause of the conflict in which the whole world, nations, families, and individuals are caught up?”

If all people and the world are one with the Creator, the eternal prime mover, how is it possible for such a disharmonious world to exist? The conclusion seems obvious: God had nothing to do with the divided world we see now.

Anyone who aspires to an ideal world must discover the cause of evil and destroy it. The most important thing is to find the root of evil. If we do not find it, we cannot restore peace. By finding the cause of evil in ourselves, we can solve the problems of the individual.

The cause of mankind’s degradation was an attitude that allowed one to sacrifice others for one’s own benefit. The strong had the right to power. Struggles began between individuals, moving on to struggles between families, tribes, countries. Today there is no peace and no ideal in this world.

All people desire peace and happiness on earth. But we are desperate; we cannot find our way to this one ideal world. We cannot overcome the obstacles before us if we put our national interests first. We can only achieve an ideal world with the idea that we are willing to sacrifice our nation for it.

Developed countries must help underdeveloped countries, and then these countries will follow. In this way, the whole world can survive and, be united forever. At the center of this unity will be the Creator. From that moment on, the eternal one world will begin to exist.