Writing and etymology in Korean


You can’t see the root, but it gives strength to the whole tree and lives for it. The most important thing is the root. When there is no self, that is, when I forget about myself and live for others, then I can be the root.

God is the root of love, the root of life, the root of lineage and the root of conscience. He is the ultimate root of all. We know that love, life, lineage, and conscience exist, though we cannot see or touch them. In the same way, we cannot see or touch God, but we can understand that He exists. If you want to discover God, you must spread, invest your love in all four directions. The root and symbol of God’s will and power is true love.

We need to look for a love that can get to the main root. To achieve this, we need to become like the Heavenly Parent. Since God’s soul and body are completely one, we need to become His sons and daughters, whose soul and body are completely one.

Both man and woman represent the Heavenly Parent. God is not somewhere else; He is in our hearts. God is the root of the heart. When we look into the very depths of our souls, we will find the Heavenly Parent there at the deepest roots of our conscience.

The roots of the past, present, and future are represented by grandparents, parents, grandchildren, and granddaughters, respectively. The three generations must live together as one family, serving the eternal Creator.