Writing and etymology in Korean
生 (생) [saeng] – life, birth
命 (명) [myeong] – fate, destiny

The meaning embedded in the word “life” means that each person’s life is prescribed by fate.

The life we receive as a gift carries no value in itself. Because our life originates in parental love, love precedes life. This means that our life arises from the root of love.

How important life is! It is given to us only once and lasts only a moment.

Life is short. We don’t have much time. If we understand this, we will feel sorry for wasting time sleeping and eating.

If we talk about all life, we can say that there is a future for someone who considers childhood as a time of preparation for youth. In our mature years we prepare for old age, and in our old age we prepare for the transition to the spiritual world.

Without doing nothing a person is wasting his life and losing the right to live.

Do more than ordinary people. Think like this: “If I live only seventy years, but I work three times as long, it will be the same as if I lived two hundred and ten years. And if I work ten times more, I’ll live seven hundred years, twenty times more — one thousand four hundred years. Work twenty-four hours a day all your life. Then in the spirit world you will reap the fruits, your capital of love will multiply. By living on earth, you are building a home for your eternal life.

“Living well” means that every day should be filled with meaning. Days lived well are the most precious days of your life that will never be forgotten.