Writing and etymology in Korean
運 (운) – move, shift
命 (명) – destiny, fate

If we consider the expression 운명 [unmyeong], “un” means to move and “myeong” means life, it means “moving life.” Myeong also means to head toward a one standard. Destiny is the way in which a person goes. A common expression in Korea is “Born with the wrong destiny.”

Where does human happiness or unhappiness, good fate or bad fate come from? Can people change and create their destinies and build their own foundation for happiness? Of course, with effort it is possible to build a relatively solid foundation, but is there not a direct link between personal happiness, the happiness of the country, the world, and heaven? From this perspective, there must be a common fate.

The parent-child relationship is undeniable; it is destiny. They cannot be separated, no matter how many people try to do so. Because this relationship, originating in love, life, and lineage, is eternal, through it, we can be eternally connected to the Heavenly Parent.

Husband and wife are partners. Just as all people have different faces, their destinies are also different. If a man has an unhappy destiny, it is possible to correct it and improve it by combining it with the fortunate destiny of a wife. Similarly, a woman’s unhappy destiny can be balanced by her husband’s happy destiny. Over time, the husband and wife achieve a balance of destinies by leveling the high mountains and filling in the deep lowlands so that the landscape is smooth and harmonious.

Family upbringing determines the future destiny of the whole country. If most families are guided by the principle of living for the common good, the country will prosper; if most families live only their personal lives, the country will perish. We are responsible for the destiny of our generation.

The power of love can control everything, so it affects a person’s destiny. If we truly understood the power of love and its ability to influence what happens in our lives, we could change our destiny. It’s all about our determination to unconditionally follow our destiny.

If an obstacle comes your way, you must be sure that nothing will stop you.