Parent-child relationship

Writing and etymology in Korean
부자의 관계
[bujaui gwangye]
父 (부) - father
子 (자) - son
關 (관) - attitude
係 (계) - relation

What is the center of heaven and earth and the foundation of the Universe? The relationship between the Heavenly Parent and His sons and daughters, that is, the relationship between parent and child. The parent-child relationship is the closest relationship there is. This relationship includes three elements: love, life, and genealogy. They are more precious and important than life.

Vertically, we are the fruit of the love of the Heavenly Parent, and horizontally, we are the fruit of the love of the father and mother. People subconsciously want to follow this love forever, to be one with it and never betray it.

The parent-child relationship is a blood relationship, a kinship relationship. Children adopt every trait of their parents; they inherit the internal traits and external appearance of their father and mother.

We need to be respectful of our parents, to show them respect, obedience, modesty, and dignity. We need to miss our parents and want to be near them. This is the parent-child relationship.

Children feel the power of parental love if they see parents sacrificing themselves for them. Sacrifice hurts a lot, but if children appreciate it correctly and pay the parents with love, the parents’ joy is multiplied. So, love is accompanied by sacrifice.