What is the center of the Universe?

Writing and etymology in Korean
우주의 중심이 무엇이 있나요?
[ujuui jungsim-i muot-i nayo]
宇宙 (우주) – Universe
中心 (중심) – center
何 (무엇) – what
있나 – is

Try to go deep when you pray and, enter a mystical state, ask the Creator, “What is the center of the universe?” The answer you will hear is, “A parent-child relationship.” There is nothing more valuable or more important than the parent-child relationship because it defines the fundamental relationship between God, the Creator of the Universe, and human beings.

The center of the Universe is the parent-child relationship, that is, the relationship between God the Father and each of us, God’s sons or daughters. The relationship of God and people is the relationship of Father and children. The main goal of human life is to meet the Father, build an unbreakable bond with Him and experience joy.

So, what is so special about the parent-child relationship? This relationship is defined by three things: true love, true life and true parenthood. Without true parental love-a prerequisite-none of us can live a true life.

The bonds of the heart born in a parent-child relationship are beyond anyone’s control; they are eternal, unchanging, and unique. The power of these heart ties is absolute. That is why, when a man with this power appears, the natural world bows before him. When man acts on the authority of his heart, the whole Universe necessarily follows him. Such is the iron law of the universe.

Our eternal True Parent has fully invested Himself in the creation of man; He has given us equal status to Him, the right to participate equally in His works, to live with Him, and to inherit everything from Him. The Creator endowed people of all His attributes.

Why did God create man? Because He feels no stimulus alone. Joy is born in a relationship. You cannot feel the stimulation that brings joy alone. You can receive the highest love only by becoming a partner of the Heavenly Parent.

The main goal of a person’s life is to meet the Father, build an unbreakable bond with Him and experience joy.