Writing and etymology in Korean
刺 (자) – spike, prick
戟 (극) – to stimulate

Everything in the natural world exists in harmony. Everything is natural, harmonious, and without a hint of awkwardness. Everything is designed to serve as a stimulus. Man always needs a stimulus. Without it, happiness and development are impossible. There has to be an incentive.

Why do we get love from our parents? Because thanks to us, the father and mother in the marital relationship have an incentive to rely on each other and love each other. Relying on such an incentive, the mutual love of brothers and sisters will also be constant. If we live guided by love and consider our neighbor to be ourselves, the right environment will arise in society.

Through love, one can experience significance and greater worth. When a relationship is established between parent and child, there is boundless power, boundless stimulation, and a kind of boundless newness.

Thanks to the child, parents gain much: the woman gains an impulse of new hope as a mother, as well as a new impetus in her relationship with her husband.

Having lost direction in life, people look for happiness in external stimuli. To increase the negligible stimulation of false love, people take drugs and engage in free sex. However, the more people strive for these things, the more they drift away from true love.

People who live gray and dull daily lives, fixated on themselves, see no stimulation and feel no excitement. However, if our lives are filled with love, we will feel renewed in our souls every day and see the world around us in a new way. Every morning something new happens, and every evening is different. If a person perceives life in this way, he is happy.