Writing and etymology in Korean
目 (목) [mog] – eye
的 (적) [jeog] – target

To set a goal is to give meaning to your future life. If you want to become a farmer, your goal is to learn new farming techniques and grow better crops to solve world hunger. If you’re going to be a soccer player, it’s an ambitious goal to raise your country’s prestige worldwide or to organize soccer clubs to help underprivileged children achieve their dreams.

To become a world-class soccer player, you have to work very hard, not sparing yourself. But if you do not have a clear goal, you cannot withstand the exhausting training on the way to the top. Only having a clear goal in front of you, you’ll find the power to go all the way to the end and will be able to achieve much more than the surrounding people.

Setting a goal in life is like planting trees. If you plant a few apple trees, you will always have many apples. Think carefully about which goal to choose and where to “plant” it.

When choosing a goal, be guided in your decision by the needs of the world. So, when you’re deciding what you want to do in life, keep in mind that the whole world is at your disposal. And then you’ll have more opportunities than you ever dreamed possible. Life is only given once-so use it for the accomplishments the world needs!

First we need a dream and a goal. We need adventure and a pioneering spirit. Dare to dream things that others can’t even think about! Set truly meaningful goals and become global leaders who can make a difference for humanity.