Writing and etymology in Korean

몽 [mong] (sino-Korean)

What have people most dreamed of throughout history, what do they want now, and what will they want in the future? People dream of a true family where true love reigns.

Everyone dreams of true love, but love is possible only when we live for others. People will avoid someone who treats others in a “you should live for me” attitude.

Malice and hostility towards each other are not born in our original good mind; we do not dream of bloody struggle, quarrels, and murders of each other. On the contrary, our good mind wants to live in freedom, peace, and happiness and love each other as brothers and sisters. This is what all humanity dreams of.

The world that Heavenly Parent dreams of is not some place to go after we die. He wants our world, in which we live, to become absolutely happy and harmonious.

But without each of us, this ideal world will not appear. We must always hold on to our dream. It is not enough just to sit and dream; we need to act and come up with a way to make our dreams come true.