True family

Writing and etymology in Korean
眞 (참) [cham] – true
家 (가) [ga] – home, family
庭 (정) [jeong] – courtyard; garden

For a nation to be true, it must be formed of true families, and true families must be formed of true men and women. A true family, created by two true individuals, is an example of how to solve problems – both global and universal. In the unity of true families, true nations and a true world are formed, in which ideals are embodied and there is no room for conflict.

The statement that our world is full of evil implies that evil is embodied in existing states, the people inhabiting them, and in each of us. Having analyzed ourselves, we will undoubtedly note that our soul and body are in constant conflict.

The source of our life is the love between parents. So, if our internal conflict arose before we were born, it is logical to conclude that this problem is connected with the circumstances under which our first ancestors entered into a loving relationship with each other and laid the foundation for the human race.

Consequently, it is possible to correlate a person’s internal contradictions with the unsuccessful beginning of the relationship between his first ancestors. If everything happened like this, then it is impossible to deny that one sinful family, having multiplied, became a clan, a country and a world.

The roots of humanity should have been the true love of the Creator, but instead we have taken root on the basis of false, selfish love. How can we solve this problem? This remains the most serious challenge facing all of us living today.

A family that stands in the position of the object of God’s love, and fully satisfies all the aspirations of His Heart (Shimjeon), in which husband and wife, each being His object, achieve complete unity and live happily together with their children, is the basis for creating an ideal world on earth based on true love.