Writing and etymology in Korean
狀 (상) ⁠–⁠ appearance, shape, look
況 (황) ⁠–⁠ condition, situation

To become a person capable of taking serious responsibility, you must: create a solid foundation to manage your environment and use them to your purpose.

A responsible person handles one’s environment without complaint. The problem is me, not something else. And still, we often complain about the world. We must learn not to complain about problems in society or about difficult life environments.

Don’t go along with your surroundings. Let them work for you. Don’t be influenced by them; don’t be a leaf of the tree in the wind.

Righteous people do not change according to their environment. The value of gold is that its essence does not change even if it is thrown into the fire. This is also the way a man should be. He cannot claim to possess high personal qualities if his will often changes under difficult circumstances.

If you want to help people, be sensitive to their situation. To achieve this, put yourself in their place. Become self-sufficient to also help others. No matter how difficult the circumstances, add something good to your daily life. Contribute step by step.

All of humanity surrounds with honor and admiration the person whose love even in adverse circumstances is greater than the love shown by others in times of prosperity.

We must not forget that we have found ourselves in our position, because of our connection with the desires and circumstances of our ancestors and out of consideration of the public good. We need to understand all the sorrowful circumstances under which our ancestors failed, so that we, finding ourselves in a similar situation, may succeed.