Writing and etymology in Korean

쇠 [soe] (native)

When we say “pure gold,” we mean twenty-four-carat gold. It is the same in any place and at any time. Pure gold does not change under any circumstances. No matter what volatile environment it finds itself in, no matter whose hands it falls into, whether in the hands of a king or in the hands of a vagabond, gold does not change. That is why gold is considered the true color. People like the color gold. Sunlight also has a golden hue, especially at sunrise and sunset.

The value of gold bullion is that its essence does not change even if it is thrown into the fire. The same must be true of a man. He cannot claim to possess high personal qualities if his will often changes under difficult circumstances. If we change our will under difficult circumstances, then what is our value?

Changeable things are not valuable! Gold is valued for its special unchanging golden color, and pearls for their unchanging refined and harmonious hue. We consider them precious, precisely because they are unchangeable, as they are the measure of the worth of everything in the universe.

Gold is pure and unadulterated. It is perfectly pure. God, our Creator, is like pure gold, in that He is without blemish. We, too, must become a people without blemish. This means that our soul and body must be one.