Writing and etymology in Korean
安 (안) – peace, peacefulness
定 (정) – to decide, to establish

In what direction should people go, in what direction should we go? People are unhappy if their lives are unstable. Is there any point in economic stability and political freedom if families suffer and people don’t see solutions to their problems?

We are unstable on our own, and so the issue is how we can unite with the Creator. If we don’t have a definite root, or core, then nothing will work.

It is not the world’s core that must begin, but the individual. It is the individual who must make the choice between spirituality and materialism. Unless you establish a core of absolute values, whose basis is the absolute God, the world will remain unstable.

Through love, your soul, and body will find themselves in a realm of wholeness and stability where you can feel contentment.

The way of love cannot be divided. It is harmonious and balanced. Love is unchanging, so it does not disappear even if one of your loved ones dies.

If a man and woman become husband and wife, their relationship should be eternal. If it was good in the beginning, it should be good at the end, too. This is where stability is needed. If you were happy in the beginning, you should be happy at the end.

When a woman thinks only of her husband and children, her level of love is high, but a man’s love is broad, encompassing all relatives and even a whole country. So, sons and daughters learn love for children or family from their mother and love for the entire world from their father. A person is unstable if only one of these aspects is developed in him, but if you combine both aspects you get a perfect rounded form.

Universal love resides in the true family, which represents all, history, present and future. Without a grandmother as well as a grandfather, there is no stability. The absence of either family member leads to the same result. We must put an end to the instability of this world, create a great universal family, and realize a world of freedom, harmony, unity, and happiness.