Writing and etymology in Korean
歷 (역) [yeok] – go through
史 (사) [sa] – history

The Chinese character 史 in the word 역사 means history. It consists of 中 which means center, and 人 which means human. In this case, however, 大 (big) is a little different from ordinary 人 (human). So, it refers to the people who are more than ordinary as well as the people who lived in the past. Therefore, 史 (history) can be interpreted to mean something that is formed by Heavenly Parent and people as the center.

Human history has been a history of struggle—a fight between good and evil, over humanity standing in the middle. Because human history started obeying the selfish mind, evil got a head start. Therefore, throughout history the evil side has always taken the role of an aggressor.

Good has been passive and defensive; yet, God is on the side of good. In the end, the good side always wins the victory. The good side always begins as the underdog; yet, it comes out victorious and expands.

All events in history are the expansion of the deeds of individuals. What means and methods have successful people used to rise to the top? To reach their goal, they take advantage of other people or embezzle from organizations. This has been the tradition throughout history. During the whole history, when people followed only their evil mind, they unconsciously became arrogant and started using others to satisfy their own needs. That has been the direction of human history, is the result of the seeds sown at evil.

Progress in history thus originates with individuals who, even amidst the vortex of good and evil, make determined efforts to reject evil and promote goodness. Therefore, the world toward which history is progressing is the world of peace, where the goal of goodness will be realized.