Merit of the age

Writing and etymology in Korean
시대적 혜택
[sidaecheok hyetaek]
時代的 惠澤
時代 (시대) – era
的 (적) – suffix
惠澤 (혜택) – good, merit

The restoration of humanity from a state of complete ignorance is gradual. As history progresses, the spirit of man becomes more and more enlightened due to the growing merit of the ages in the providence of restoration.

During history, many saints and righteous men have sincerely done their best to fulfill the will of Heaven. Although they did not succeed in completely fulfilling their responsibility, through the sincerity and devotion of each of them, the foundation that enables one to develop a relationship of the Heart with the Heavenly Parent was expanded. Through this foundation, he was enabled to enjoy the merit of the age.

The growth of the merit of each successive age contributes to the development of man’s original nature. Following the voice of this nature, people increasingly strive – consciously or unconsciously – for an ideal world. When the situation of a certain age ceased to meet people’s freedom-loving aspirations, social revolutions were inevitable.

According to the merit of this or that age, man’s aspirations for the freedom of the original soul grew, and his demands on the social environment also grew. At the same time, there was a restoration of the relationship of love with the Heavenly Parent, which intensified man’s desire to live in accordance with His will.

The time had come for people to reflect on their lives and listen to the voice of Heaven. Because of the merit of the current era, Heavenly Parent is now much closer to us. Many spiritual phenomena are occurring in people’s lives that could not have happened before. Especially those who receive inspiration from the Heavenly Parent and good spirits will be able to develop their spiritual feelings and experience a major change in their character. People whose character will thus change and become conformed to the standard of Heaven are the people on whom the Creator trusts.