Writing and etymology in Korean
靈 (영) – soul, spirit
感 (감) – feeling

World-famous scientists usually have deeply sensitive minds, by which they harmonize with the heart of nature. With that sensitivity they unexpectedly receive intuitions, inspirations and dreams. These phenomena occur especially when they are completely absorbed in their research.

As you become one with all beings, some phenomena can occur. Once you enter the door to your mind, you will have intuitions and premonitions. Maybe as you walk down the street you see a bird flying. All of sudden, you feel the door to your mind opening. You do not realize what is happening, but suddenly you receive a bright inspiration that teaches you a lesson. Maybe the inspiration will hit you when you hear someone talking. The more you practice, the more often you will experience such incidents.

Human beings become complete only when their soul and body are unified. Hence, the experience of inspiration gained through spiritual cognition and the knowledge of truth obtained through physical cognition should become fully harmonized and awaken the spirituality and intellect together.

An artist should have a clear mind and spirit. Then with a clear conscience he should invest everything.

The sight of a man and woman loving each other inspires birds to sing with more ardor. And as both male and female harmonize their birdsong to the couple’s love, it encourages the couple to love with even more passion.

Love inspires courage and hope. True love has the power to inspire and encompass all people and the universe.

We must create an environment that inspires and attracts people to change their life.