Writing and etymology in Korean
勇 (용) – courage
氣 (기) – energy, vitality

If a person is convinced of something, he should be brave and spare no effort to fight, even if he is afraid. Even if you are insulted, bear it with dignity and go forward with courage.

Time and effort are important elements that determine success or failure at a turning point. To use these effectively, you also need courage. Strength and courage come from conviction, and conviction cannot be found where one approaches one’s duties irresponsibly.

When conscience is awakened, one is first shocked and then filled with determination and courage, so firm and unwavering that he can change everything around him instantly. Such a person no longer has any fear of death. Who would dare stand in the way of the power that conscience gives us? No one can block its path.

As you decide what you would like to do with your life, keep in mind that you have the whole world at your disposal. Then you will have more opportunities than you ever dreamed possible. You only get to live once, so use it to do what the world needs! You can’t get the treasure that is hidden on a distant island if you don’t dare to be adventurous, so try to go beyond your country and imagine that the entire world is in front of you.