Writing and etymology in Korean
確 (확) [hwak] - really, truly
信 (신) [shin] - to believe, to trust

To achieve a winning result, you need strong conviction. If you don’t have a firm conviction from the very beginning of your path, if you just follow it as you have to, you won’t reach your goal.

If a man is convinced of something, he must be courageous and spare no effort to fight, even if he is afraid.

Strength and courage come from conviction, and conviction cannot be found where one approaches one’s duties irresponsibly.

We need to develop an external determination, the basis of which is internal determination, that is, the conviction that we will not deviate from our path, regardless of what difficulties we may encounter. We must be sure that even when we are at rock bottom, we will be able to maintain life in mind and body. Without such confidence, not only will we not run the distance, we won’t even make it to the stadium. Each of us is a competitive runner, so we must train ourselves with unwavering conviction to reach our goal. Both in our dreams and in our reality, we need to be passionate about reaching our goal.

If you intend to fight, you will need conviction and thorough training. For all the people of our country, be steadfast in your convictions, exhibit a high civic consciousness, and fight.

Do not lose heart! If there is no conviction, there can be no movement forward. Take up the cause, strengthening your spirit. Heaven will not support anyone who has no ambition. Without steadfast conviction, there is no practice.

He who has real works backed by total conviction will be the ruler of the future.