Writing and etymology in Korean
責 (책) [chaeg] – reproach
任 (임) [im] – to appoint, to assign

Real freedom comes with responsibility. What chaos, what confusion would ensue if people wanted to personally enjoy freedom in love without any responsibility?

The perfection of people is only possible if they take responsibility for love. This responsibility has three parts.

The first part of the responsibility is to become a master of freedom in true love, to learn to nurture and control oneself and to live in an upright relationship with the Heavenly Parent. The second part of the responsibility is to love your partner indiscriminately. And the third part of responsibility is to love your children.

Parental love is the foundation for a child’s pride and happiness. Children receive life from parents who have created a harmonious unity in true love, and they want to be raised in such love. The most important responsibility toward children is not only to educate them outwardly, but to provide them with the life elements of true love that will complete the formation of their spirituality.

Each person must understand and fulfill his or her share of responsibility during life. Even if the words “share of responsibility” seem simple, they are, in fact, important.