Writing and etymology in Korean

We must have three things to be proud of: firstly, pride in history, in our past; then pride in the present; and lastly, pride for the future.

It is human nature to be proud of our good ancestors. Why? Because their legacy is passed on to their descendants. All our ancestors push us and are proud of us. The more good ancestors there are, the more elements of goodness a person receives. We cannot live in isolation from our past. And our actions will affect our descendants.

As a rule, in a conversation no one is encouraged to talk at length about themselves. At the same time, when talking about our loved ones, our pride will be endless. A man’s greatest pride and joy should be his wife. A man should not be proud of himself, but should be proud of his wife and children. The wife completely forgets about herself, proud of her husband and children. And children are proud of their parents. This is how the Creator wants our society to be.

Parents want to be proud of their children’s drawings because their children draw them. Likewise, the Creator wants to be proud of His sons and daughters. When we talk about love, it should be as if we are not there, as if we have forgotten about ourselves, and this is the essence of true love. If we have such love in our lives, we can be proud of ourselves before God, before the past, present and future.