Writing and etymology in Korean
遺 (유) - to leave behind
産 (산) - to be born

What kind of legacy will we leave behind us? What will be our last will, our testament? It is our hearts and our souls of respectful children, devoted citizens, and virtuous women. If there are a few people with these qualities, they will never fail.

Fathers and mothers want to pass on to their sons and daughters all that they have. Parents and children living in the tradition of love have equal value, so parents can easily leave their children an inheritance of the entire universe. This is why parents want their children to be respectful. Who are respectful children? They are people who share the eternal love of their parents. They will be the bearers of the tradition of passing on love.

The most tremendous inheritance that can be passed on to children is the love of the Heavenly Parent. There is no inheritance in the world more valuable than this. Parents must properly introduce God to their children and explain to them well what His love is.

For a country to prosper, it must preserve the legacy of the past. Children love to hear the stories of old men, fairy tales and legends. Children love fairy tales so much because they want to be heirs to the history. It is the principle of heaven and earth. Like fresh buds that feed on tree sap, children should inherit the whole historical essence of their culture.

We must leave future generations a tradition that teaches them a dignified way of life, and that will be our legacy.