Writing and etymology in Korean
애 [ae] - sino-korean

The character “e” 愛 (love) refers to two persons. What kind of two persons are they? They are persons who unite centering on true love, and thus become the center of the harmony between vertical heaven and horizontal earth. This means that the starting point for bringing about the harmony of heaven and earth is the love of two people.

Love is liked and welcomed by all people. Everyone desires to be born, to live, and to die surrounded by love.

Love is the common property of all humanity. It is a symbol of the will and power of the Heavenly Parent.

In one who has devoted his life to love and loves creation with all his heart, even flowers bloom differently and birds want to build their nests in the yard.

Love is unchanging because it is the center of all life’s forces.

Love and happiness absolutely cannot be experienced alone.

Love begins with sacrifice, self-giving, self-denial.

Love is destined for others, not for oneself. The parent exists for the love of the child. The child exists for others and for the Parent.

Love is the highest law and the sacred bond that binds two or more beings into a harmonious whole.

There is no development or revolution in love

Could parents change? Throughout all historical eras, there has never been any revolution in parental love. No matter how many revolutions are made, there can be no revolution in love.

If we think about the fact that divorced people and those on the verge of divorce once believed that they would love each other both in life and in death, we have to admit that there is some mistake here. Basically, divorce means that the situation has changed and there is no longer the same relationship between two people. It happens because the two have failed to preserve and nurture their love. Love itself never changes; only the human soul changes.

The human genitals are destined for love. Although there have been many changes in history, the genitals have never changed and never will. The problem, however, is that people are not even aware of it. All of humanity’s issues go back to man and woman. So, when men and women are fully united, peace will reign in the world that very hour.

The family is the unchanging foundation and backbone. Neither the father nor the brothers and sisters, nor the state system of any country can change anything here. Moreover, even the world, heaven, earth, and God Himself cannot change anything. That is why the concept of “revolution” will never apply to the family.

The love of parents for their children, as it was in the time of human forebears, and the love that we, their descendants, have for our children now, millennia later, are no different. In turn, our descendants in a few thousand years will also love their children. There is no development or end to love. True love is pure and does not need revolutions.