Writing and etymology in Korean
性 (성) – nature, character
格 (격) – form, character, status

Each person has his or her own unique character. Though character, no doubt, is important, even more important is the inner core that sustains character. That inner core is love, and not just any love, but the love of the Heavenly Parent.

If you meet a good person and try to analyze his character, you will notice that he is not inclined to change his moods. This peculiarity of man comes from the fact that he endures certain rules of morality, preserving the identity of his character.

Each of us needs to improve his character and his heart. It is significant to develop one’s inner nature and loving character.

People with different personalities must learn to achieve unity despite differences in character, and in the same way peoples and countries with different cultures and distinctive traits must unite.

To acquire the character of true love, we must live for others and constantly invest in people. Only in this way will we create perfect couples and perfect families. Only this way will free us from our habits born of selfishness, individualism and materialism, and will give us hope for a bright future for humanity.

We need to endure hardships that will help us develop good character. This will be our true self in the world of eternity.