Writing and etymology in Korean
獨 (독) – single
創 (창) – unique, special
性 (성) – nature, character

Why do people differ from one another in the peculiarity of their faces and characters? These differences exist to bring more joy to the Creator. He wanted such a special and unique joy from each individual person.

No matter how many men and women are born, each of us were born as a unique and absolute representative of our ancestors and the fruit of their lives.

Each person has some unique trait that is unique to him and to no one else. And no matter how many people are born on the earth, each one, as a person, is unique.

In what sense does human uniqueness manifest itself?

First, it is reflected in the appearance. Although there are eight billion people in the world, no two individuals have the same face.

Second, uniqueness is reflected in behavior, which is different for everyone.

Third, it manifests itself in creative expression. Creativity is not limited to activities in the arts; creativity refers to any type of activity in which an individual can express his or her creative abilities. These abilities vary from individual to individual.

True love is absolute, unique and unchangeable. Only by embodying the true love can we become the absolute, unique, and unchanging master of love.