Writing and etymology in Korean
外 (외) [oe] – outside; surface
貌 (모) [мо] – appearance

No one planned their birth in advance. We simply discovered that we were already born. Our parents gave us life, but they could not plan in advance what their child would be like. Now science has reached such a level of development that long before the birth of a child, parents can find out its gender, but before parents had no idea who they would have: a boy or a girl.

Have you ever thought about what you would like to be if you had the opportunity to plan your birth in advance? If we were born the way we wanted, how long would we be satisfied? Even if we were born meeting all the requirements we set, we most likely would not be completely satisfied. We would still find various flaws in ourselves. Without a doubt, many people, especially women, have complained more than once: “Why wasn’t I born beautiful? Why do I have such a nose and such a mouth?”

There is certainly a person in the world who likes our eyes and our whole body exactly the way they are.

When caring for a child, does the mother think that it would be better if her child had a different face? She is happy just because her child is healthy. Does the father think that his daughter will need plastic surgery in the future?  Even if a father does not think his daughter is beautiful, he hopes that when she grows up, everything will be okay.

The first people who cared about our appearance were our parents, and once our mother was sure we were okay, she prayed for us and did everything she could for us.

Do you now complain about your appearance as an adult? Complaining about your appearance is very unfair. If a person preserves the beauty of his soul, then with age his appearance will improve and he will become more and more beautiful.