Writing and etymology in Korean
誕 [tan] – give birth, be born
生 [saeng] – live

Men were not born by their own will. Our birth, our sex and our appearance were not custom designed by our parents. We were not born by the request of our parents. Before their consciousness, the power of Heavenly Parent brought about their birth.

Let’s consider why you were born. The reason for the birth and creation of men and all things is simple. Because even Heavenly Parent need an object of love. Our purpose is for the object partner and for the mutual relationship, not just for me.

During a person’s life, the first birth is life in the mother’s womb. The second birth is the present, and then the third birth is the return to our Heavenly Parent. How important is life on this earth? It is an instant that comes but once. Compared to eternity, life on earth is but a dot, an extremely short moment.