Writing and etymology in Korean
死 (사) – death
亡 (망) – to destroy, crash

The most important moments in a person’s life are his birth, his wedding, and his death.

What is the meaning of death? It is the moment of your new birth. We alternate between three worlds: the water world, where we swim in our mother’s womb; the earthly world, where we walk on the ground; and the spiritual world, where we can fly.

Our life is too short. Ten years can pass and we are barely aware of it. Everything will be decided within thirty years after your marriage. In this way, the path of life does not wait for you. It is busy going on its own way. We all have to die someday. Do you think you won’t die? Can you be sure that you won’t die? You have to die. Where do you go after death? Do you know that there is a spirit world? Life on this earth is but an instant. It is like the ten months you spend in your mother’s womb.

There is no doubt that the spirit world is real. It undoubtedly exists. We humans were born into it, and we are destined to return to it.

There is an interesting word in the Korean language, 돌아가다 [toragada], “to return.” Where does a man go back to? Not to the cemetery, but to his homeland, where he began his way. We didn’t start our way from the cemetery. We are returning to a world that existed before the beginning of a long history, a world from which the forefathers of all mankind came. What does that mean? If there is a Creator, then we are going back to where He is. From there we came out, and there we return.

People today do not know what it means to die. It is not a sorrowful occasion. It is not a sad occasion. You should see it as a transition from a lower-dimensional world to a higher – dimensional world through the bridge of love.

Suicide is the worst sin, the most sinful act that destroys the Universe! People who commit it go straight to the bottom of hell. Your wonderful parents, your spouses, your brothers, your whole family, your country, the world and even the spiritual world and the Universe need you. Even God needs you! How can you diminish your value?

Death should not bring dejection or despair. It is not a plunge, but a leap. It is about ascending. For that reason, we should not have any dread of death. Death comes in accordance with the natural order of things. It is simply the process of transferring to a better world.