Writing and etymology in Korean

수 [su] (sino-korean)

Water is the source of life. It receives and absorbs everything in the world. Life in our world depends on river and ocean water. Rain clouds form over the oceans, shedding rain on the earth.

No matter how dirty the water is, it knows how to keep it in balance. Over time, water gains strength, allowing it to regain its original color and cleanse itself as it flows.

Water creates harmony. A good landscape should have both a body of water and a forest. Love of water equals love of all creation.

Man is born from the very depths of the waters. The womb period takes place in water. While in the mother’s womb, the baby floats in the liquid.

Water evens everything out. There is a proverb: “A husband and wife quarreling is like cutting water with a knife.” Will any marks be left on the water if you try to cut it with a knife? Even if spouses quarrel, it is worth it to laugh with their foreheads pressed together, and everything passes. There will be no peace without love.

Water will not die if it is in motion. Flowing water does not rot. But if it stops moving, it will go stale quickly. In the same way, a man in a high position must find the strength to go down and wait a while to come up again. There will be an opportunity, and he will rise even higher than before. Like streams of water in nature, human life should not be prosaic and monotonous. It is the kind of person who can become truly great and worthy of the admiration of many people, an excellent leader.