Writing and etymology in Korean

천 [cheon] (sino-korean)

No matter how big a river is, there is always a main stream and a main direction of flow.

The sight of a majestic river evokes associations with a river of love flowing into eternity. Is there any better way to describe the beauty of love than by comparing it to the nature? God created all things in nature to arouse our feelings of love. Everything in creation is connected to each other, woven together by love.

The river never rejects the streams flowing to it. It accepts every last one of them. Its water, accepting the currents flowing into it, becomes one mighty stream that rushes out to the ocean. The streams and currents that flow and merge with the river are countless modern religions and denominations. All of these streams come from different sources, but they all have the same direction: each of them seeks an ideal world in which peace reigns.